Volunteering is essential to the ongoing success and excellence of our club. Enthusiastic volunteers have always been needed throughout the year to support our professional coaches. Volunteers help us host successful meets, care for our swimmers when they are competing away from home and provide guidance and support on the Board of Directors.

Prior to Covid-19 there were many opportunities to volunteer and to support our swimmers however as a result of the Covid-19 Pandemic we will not require the same amount of volunteers this year and will not be assessing families a Volunteer Fee at the beginning of the season.

We will potentially have the need for volunteers from time to time throughout the year and will reach out to families to help. This will be especially important when we are able to have virtual time trials. If we reach out, please try to help if you can so that we do not have to charge higher than necessary fees for these events.

​​​​​​​Thank you to all our VPSC parents and volunteers for your continued support, we couldn't do what we do without you!